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Vandal 148W 2022


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K2 Vandal - The Shred Set for Youngsters

Snowboarding is fun and the mountain is to winter what the playground is to summer. Here you have fun, here you let off steam and can simply never get enough. To ensure that youngsters have as much fun in the snow as we do, the children"s and youth set consisting of a Vandal snowboard and binding is a must.

Riding style
The Vandal set is ideal for young shredders who want to feel their way to the next level in snowboarding and progress quickly.
The Vandal comes in a true twin shape. Nose and tail have the same length and width and are combined with centred, radial waisting. The snowboard rides exactly the same in both directions.
The Catch-Free Rocker Baseline™ is particularly beginner-friendly and prevents canting by placing the contact points far out on the board. A small rocker in the tip and tail brings additional turnability and thus promotes fast progress in any terrain. 
The soft flex is light, playful and forgiving.

The Vandal is made with a strong, durable Aspen full wood core, Biax Glass for smooth performance and a forgiving flex. The easy-care 2000 Extruded Base completes the Vandal. 


  • Twin Rocker Baseline™
  • Twin shape
  • Aspen Core
  • Biax Glass
  • 2000 Extruded Base
  • 4x4 Inserts

Binding K2 Vandal M 
The K2 Vandal binding is designed to be forgiving without compromising performance. It is the perfect complement to the Vandal board and boot. Complete with the ProFusion™ chassis, 100 % tool-free adjustments and Tweakback™ highback, this binding is ready for long days on the snow.

The Groms Tweakback™ Highback has a centred spine for improved response at the heel edge and is constructed from urethane, giving it a freestyle flex and high tweakability. 

Simple, stable and light. The ProFusion™ chassis is the standard for K2 bindings. The simple, tool-free adjustment of the Toe Ramp ensures a perfect fit and optimal power transmission. The 3° canted footbed ensures a natural foot position in the binding. You get more support from the binding, which in turn gives you more control and less fatigue.

The Tool-Less Bender™ Ankle Strap is comfortable and can be adjusted quickly, easily and without tools. The Perfect Fit™ Toe Strap fits well and goes with any boot, no matter the brand.

  • Groms Tweakback™ Highback
  • ProFusion™ chassis
  • 3° Canted Footbed 
  • Tool-Less Bender™ Ankle Strap
  • Perfect Fit™ Toe Strap

This article is currently not available, please choose another one.